The hiring questionnaire

The Individual Occupational Health Questionnaire, introduced by Law 1.451 of 4 July 2017, is sent by the OMT to the employer when hiring an employee who is not assigned to a workstation at risk.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help the doctor to preserve the health of the employee in his professional career, by scheduling an initial medical examination more or less early depending on the risks of the workstation and any health problems interfering with these risks.

It therefore asks the employer in its first part, in order to better understand the risks of the position; the employee then, for a confidential declaration of elements of his health.

The first initial medical examination, which can be done within three years of being hired, will then be prioritized by the occupational doctor in charge of the company by combining these two types of information.

This questionnaire is strictly confidential, for the use of the occupational physician; the elements it contains may in no case be communicated to a third party, in particular to the employer with regard to the employee's declarations. It is free from any aim of selection or discrimination of employees upon hiring.

In practice (a translation of the questions in English, Italian, Portuguese exists below):

Please note, the printout bears bar codes linked to the employee's administrative situation, it cannot be reproduced for another!

  1. The employer details the workstation of his employee as well as any occupational exposures for which the occupational physician could decide on reinforced individual monitoring (SIR): night work, exposure to noise, to certain chemicals, etc.
  2. The employer sends the employee the occupational health questionnaire. The latter specifies his medical history, pregnant women, young minors, disabled workers also benefit from reinforced individual monitoring.
  3. The employee returns the two parts of the questionnaire in a confidential envelope to the OMT, within 20 days from the date of receipt by the employer
  4. Based on this information, the occupational physician will determine the date of the first scheduled medical visit within 3 years at most.

If the questionnaire is not returned to OMT, the work permit cannot be issued.

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