Who are we ?

The Office of Occupational Medicine (OMT), established in accordance with law no. 637 of 11 January 1958, is the only organisation in the Principality authorised to provide medical supervision of the work of private sector employees. It is financed primarily by social security contributions from employers in this sector.

OMT premises are located in the district of Fontvieille, on the first floor of the "L’Aigue Marine" building, 24 avenue de Fontvieille.
Under the leadership of the Director, Mrs. Pascale PALLANCA, the Office employs 45 members of staff :

  • 35 in the Medical division (16 occupational physicians, 16 health care assistants and 3 nurses);
  • 3 in the operations and risk prevention division (1 engineer, 1 ergonomist and 1 occupational health assistant);
  • 2 in the IT division (1 IT systems manager and 1 system administrator);
  • 5 in the administrative division (1 administration and HR manager, 1 executive secretary, 1 receptionist, 1 administrative and technical officer and 1 general assistant).

Overall, the Office monitors the medical care of approximately 54,000 employees, a figure that varies depending on the level of economic activity in the Principality and the time of year.