Accidents at work involving injuries

Call 18 or 112 : the Monaco emergency services will determine what kind of assistance is required (transport only, paramedics, etc.) and will be there as soon as possible. You must notify your insurer of your accident within 48 hours.

Employee sickness at work

Call 18 or 112 for the emergency services, who will assess the severity of the situation. Do not transport anyone requiring medical attention to the Princess Grace Hopital Centre yourself. If the illness requires the employee to return home, he/she must be accompanied by a family member, friend or colleague, and must not be allowed to go home alone.

Public defibrillators in the Principality

They are available to everyone in the event of an emergency at many points in the Principality.

Identify them in advance, for example using the StayingAlive app (


Acute crisis situations in the workplace (violence, aggression, etc)

Call 17 for police assistance if the situation escalates and you are unable to gain control.

For all other situations, or if you are unsure

Do not take any risks, call the emergency services on 18 or 112.