Our teams

The medical pole

Based at the Aigue Marine site we have 14 doctors and 14 healthcare assistants who work in pairs to safeguard employees in the private sector within the Principality. 2 doctors and their assistants are also in charge of the public sector in dedicated premises in the same place.

Each pair is allocated a business sector defined by type of activity (construction, chemical industry, hospitality, sanitation, healthcare, etc.)

The occupational doctor

The role of the occupational physician is exclusively preventive.

It consists of avoiding any deterioration in the health of workers as a result of their work, in particular by monitoring their occupational hygiene conditions, the risks of contagion and their state of health, as well as any obvious risk of harm to the safety of workers. third party operating in the immediate work environment.

The medical assistant

The physician's assistant is the first point of contact for employers and employees in her sector, for which she schedules medical appointments. She prepares the visit both administratively and medically, thus facilitating the doctor's work.

The nurse

Three state-certified nurses carry out the additional examinations prescribed during the visit. They also manage vaccinations by practicing them on site and summoning employees who require a mandatory recall.