Our teams

Occupational Risk Prevention pole

The IPRP (Occupational Risk Prevention team) operates in partnership with occupational physicians to safeguard the health and safety of employees and improve working conditions.

The ergonomist

He contributes to the improvement and design of work situations in order to preserve the health of workers, promote the reliability of systems, optimize the quality and efficiency of production with a view to sustainable and global performance.

He performs an ergonomic analysis of the work by carrying out observations in the field which allow him to understand the activity, to assess its constraints and requirements in order to suggest avenues for improvement.

At the OMT, the ergonomist can be assigned to prevent or correct existing situations but also on design projects (organizations, work situations, premises, etc.).

The engineer in occupational risk prevention

He advises employers on occupational risk prevention and occupational health regulations.

At the request of occupational physicians, he intervenes with members on the analysis of working conditions, the assessment of employee exposure and the proposal of preventive actions on the following issues: chemical risk / ventilation, noise exposure / acoustics, room lighting, thermal environment or any other professional risk.

He provides awareness-raising on the development of the DUER, the assessment of chemical risk and the initiation of prevention referents and supports companies that request it.

He can delegate some of its missions to technicians or occupational health assistants.

He trains, supports and advises the other members of the multidisciplinary team on their actions in the workplace.

He ensures regulatory and scientific monitoring in its areas of intervention.

The occupational health and safety technician

He carries out company visits and workstation studies in order to develop or update company profiles.

He educates and advises employers in matters of prevention, occupational health safety and also in the assessment and control of occupational risks.

He implements actions to prevent occupational risks in areas such as toxicology, acoustics, thermal environment, lighting, etc.

He carries out measurements and samples of the working environment in order to offer suitable means of prevention: collective protection, training, information, individual protection.

He can offer awareness-raising concerning in particular occupational risks and the wearing of PPE.