Medical examinations

What happens at a medical examination

When you arrive at the Office, the receptionist will take you to the occupational physician responsible for your employer.

The medical secretary will ask you for administrative details to update your medical record, then you will proceed to the usual screening tests, urine sample and eye tests. You do not need to have an empty stomach, and minor ailments should not prevent you from taking the tests. Additional tests may then be carried out by our nursing staff (hearing test, pulmonary function test, etc.), depending on the occupational hazards you are exposed to.

You will then have your consultation with the occupational physician, and a physical examination to assess your general state of health and detect any illnesses you may have, occupational or otherwise.

She/he will advise you on health care in the workplace and offer vaccination boosters if necessary.

At the end of the consultation he/she will give you a fitness note for your employer, noting your time of arrival at the Office and your departure time.